Brampton Community Centre has been producing a monthly quiz sheet as a fun fundraising activity for over 10 years.

These 50 question sheets have been on sale in local shops and cafes and at the centre for just £1.00. However over the last 18 months they were sent out , free, to quiz supporters by email.

The sheets are NOW back in print and on sale at: Half Moon Wholefoods, Off the Wall café, Mr Brown’s, Capon Tree café, The Howard Arms and from the community centre.

The sheets come out at the Ist of each month and answers are available on request at the end of each month. The October quiz is out now. The theme is ‘Brampton and Beyond,’ and covers people and places, and the local and natural history of Brampton and the parishes served by the community centre.

Each month has a different theme and a wide variety of areas have been covered , including, famous people, films, music, numbers, countries,  food and vegetables, mountains, islands, forests and rivers as well as lots of topical subjects and mixed bags.

So.. why not give it a try?