The Hut

'The Hut' is ideal for art, crafts, exhibitions and music classes.

The rooms are bright and airy with high ceilings, large windows and a beautiful beech wood floor.

The Hut features two main areas:

  • A large art room suitable for arts, crafts, music classes and exhibitions
  • A fully equipped woodwork room with lathes, band saw, work benches, pillar drill and a small range of hand tools

If you’re interested in:

  • Arts and crafts workshops and courses
  • Holding an exhibition
  • A space to run your own arts and craft group
  • Renting workshop/studio space

Please get in touch with Brampton Community Centre by calling 016977 45023 or use our contact us page.

History of The Hut

The Hut was built in 1916 during World War 1 at Eastriggs, near Gretna.

In 1915 the newly founded Ministry on Munitions created a huge new cordite (also known as Devil's Porridge) factory covering 9 miles between Eastriggs and Gretna, called HM Factory Gretna.  30,000 people from all over the Commonwealth were brought into the factory and lived in specially designed wooden housing.

The building on the community centre site was the munition workers' gym and two of the small rooms were designated changing rooms, one for men, one for women.  In 1918, when the war ended, the army auctioned off surplus assets and the gym was bought by The White House Grammar School, the forerunner to what is now called William Howard School.

The school used the wooden building as a gym and then later, when it became William Howard School, as the woodwork, art and technology rooms.

William Howard School left the site in 1987 and now occupies the site on Longtown Road.