Brampton Community Centre is a multi-purpose venue available for private hire. 

The centre is a perfect venue for family parties and celebrations.

We have a large hall, meeting rooms, a commercial kitchen and office space - all available to hire at competitive rates.

If you'd like to hire any of our facilities, please call us on
016977 45023 or email us: [email protected]


About us

Brampton and Beyond Community Trust

Enabling local people to work together to identify local needs and solutions, creating opportunities that promote environmental, economic and social wellbeing

The Trust exists to improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the community to support it to become more resilient and sustainable.

We have five key business objectives:

  • Support the health, wellbeing and social needs of the communities we serve
  • Support the strengthening, localisation and sustainability of the local economy
  • Work with others to achieve the same objectives
  • Operate in accordance with good business practice
  • Strengthen the Trust and its way of doing business

Legal Structure

Brampton and Beyond Community Trust is a company limited by guarantee and is registered as a charity. The Trust is a community-based organisation serving Brampton and surrounding areas totalling around 21 wards.

Governed by a board of trustees providing strategic direction and oversight of its activities and associated interests, it operates Brampton Community Centre and the children’s nursery.


The Hall

The Hall is a great area, full of space and natural light.

The community centre's main hall is a large bright room ideal for sport and large gatherings.

The Arts and Crafts Room

A lovely large room with good natural light. The Hut is usually home to a variety of workshops in this room - music, crafts, dance, and holistic themed workshops.