Brampton Community Centre is owned and operated by Brampton & Beyond Community Trust.

About Brampton & Beyond Community Trust

Brampton and Beyond Community Trust is a registered not-for-profit charity which exists to improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the local community to support it to become more resilient and sustainable.

Charity number 1138044

The Trust is a community-based organisation serving Brampton and the wider community which includes:

Askerton; Bewcastle; Carlatton; Castle Carrock; Cumrew; Cumwhitton; Farlam; Geltsdale; Hayton; Heathersgill; Irthington; Kingswater; Midgeholme; Nether Denton; Scaleby; Solport; Stanwix Rural; Stapleton; Upper Denton; Walton; Weatherhead and Wetheral.

Brampton and Beyond Community Trust is governed by a board of trustees who provide strategic direction and oversight of its activities and associated interests.

Get involved

Contact us to share your views on the things that are important to you that can benefit the community

We're always happy to hear from anyone, from individuals and local community groups, support organisations or local businesses who would like to work with us.

Become a Trustee of Brampton & Beyond Community Trust

Help us shape and participate in the development of your local Community Centre, its services and the Trusts wider activities.

Our continuing success relies on raising funds through room and office hire, fundraising events, grant funding, donations and community membership.  This will have a positive impact enabling us to ensure the Community Centre has a bright future within Brampton and beyond.

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Please contact us or call us on 016977 45023

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